In recent newspaper forums and articles, there were diverse views on tuition programs. This made many of us to rethink whether it is necessary to have tuitions on top of the busy schedule of school work. Some may question whether tuitions really add values or harm the students. Experts started to conduct researches on effectiveness of tuitions.

As a former school teacher prior to entering tuition industry, I witnessed how students from a wide range of capabilities learn. There were those who can learn fast and do well in their assessments and those who need more time and attention in learning. From the perspective of students and parents, here are some considerations.

  1. Can a school subject teacher provide sufficient time and attention to such students?
  2. Although there were tuition programs run by school to take care of academically weaker students, will the tuition sessions become another session to do practice papers?
  3. Due to a large number of students, do teachers have enough time for weaker students?
  4. Are the tuition programs effective?

Coming from education background, I believe that schools should play the main role in moulding the whole individuals be it in academic or non-academic aspects. Too much focus on academic performance may create the syndrome, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, where is the balance? If we look at the high expectation in our school examinations and criteria to further education, we cannot deny the importance of good grades.

Who need tuitions? Does students with good grades need tuitions?

To address these questions, we need to take a look at the structure of tuition programs. How is the tuition session conducted? Will it be like another lesson in school or does it help the students to tackle the weak areas so that they can improve their understanding of the concepts?

In my opinion, a good tuition program will complement the lessons learned in school. If students learn diligently in school, the tuition program, which caters to the need of the students, will be able to achieve the goals. Whether the students are of good grades, average grades or poor grades, there will be rooms for improvements. Moreover, a good tuition program should not be another ‘do worksheet’ session similar to what can be obtained by getting an assessment book. Assessment books can be used as a tool to help in learning a concept as students are required to practice on questions that are relevant. Tutor’s role is to coach students in their learning process. Learning must take place in every effective tuition session.

I have seen how tuition helps students to improve academically. Each student is a unique individual. With the great learning, every child is capable of performing in the examination. Having effective tuition is indeed an added advantage.

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