NextGen Education With A Heart

A progressive arena where powerful growth takes place. A safe sanctuary where intriguing challenges are overcome. A fun place where integrated learning is experienced. This is the ConnectLearn promise for all students.



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Why Choose Us?

We give real attention to every child by managing the class size carefully

We adopt the “no child left behind” principle and offer additional help if needed.

We are lifelong learners so that we are always ahead in preparing your child for the future.


We offer High Impact Core Programmes that are specially designed for Students and MOE Schools.

Eureka English Programme

  Primary English

Specialist English Programmes based on the Eureka Pedagogical System and proven for over 20 years.

Eureka Model Essays and Books by Diana Tham (Creator of the Eureka System) are recommended readings by many MOE Teachers.

Matharchery Math Programme

Primary, Secondary & JC Mathematics Programme

Singapore Math Models Specialists armed with Advanced AI Tools that meets students at their exact point of need.

Based on our Proprietary ASC Math Training System that uses a multi-modal approach to deliver results for students of all ability levels.


A collective of passionate educators that believe that every mind both young and young-at-heart should be empowered with important transferable life skills to thrive in the new world order.

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