Do you think Coding and Tech-savviness are essential skills for the 21st century? Much of the world we live in are powered by digital systems and it is now deeply entrenched in every single area of knowledge. Tech is embedded into the fabric of society and many ‘traditional’ areas are now partly or almost fully powered by tech – where coding and programming skills are baseline.

The reality is this – It is no longer enough to know the pure sciences. For example, where we used to do only biology, we have to now work with biotech. Think that your child only needs to study medicine? What about MedTech and all the sophisticated systems that he has to use in future? How about EduTech and Fintech to name a few. 

At Connect@Code, your child will get a headstart in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. We make sure that you child get a good foundation in STEM where they acquire skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, presentation and project planning, teamwork, and more.

It is not just about being competitive.

We believe that the art of coding is essential for your child to stay relevant at the present age… and 10-20 years down the road. 

More Than Just Coding: It’s a Way of Thinking


Future Ready Education

Learning to program from young helps kids to develop universal skills like logical thinking & problem-solving skills that would prove critical and applicable to the real world.


STEM education, in line with MOE initiatives

Programming involves calculation & data skills that will help kids grow their mathematics & writing skills that will improve their performance in school.


Nurture Mathematical Skills

Computer programming is the future and those who can code will be highly sought after in any industry. By starting early, they will gain massive competitive advantage and are well set for success.

Why is CONNECT@CODE Powered by Algorithmics?

All learning takes place at our unique Algorithmic Learning Platform.

Review concepts after weekly class, Re-practice coding Tasks, Access the Platform anytime, anywhere.

Parents can keep in touch of their child’s progress.

No need to download Software or Materials.

The student will join a community of International Coders and interact, design, and exchange ideas.





Algorithmics is one of the world’s largest programming schools for children

Business Awards

Attained global recognition as an effective modern education platform by prominent media conglomerates

Algorithmics is the Top 10 Startups you need to follow in 2020 in Forbes Russia
Contributed to the success of Hour of Code in 2019 by running a coding even
Algorithmics collaborated to launch a Digital Skills Project in 2018
Algorithmics received an award at Bett MEA for Digital Skills Project in 2019

Choose a course that suits you

Kids can start studying at any age. When they finish their course, they can move on to the next one to continue their studies, and gradually become a professional Python developer

The Coding Knight

For ages 6-7

Digital Literacy

For ages 7-9

Visual Programming

For ages 9-10

The Coding Knight

For ages 6-7

Digital Literacy

For ages 7-9

Visual Programming

For ages 9-10

Why Parents Love Our Programme

I am coming from an IT background. I understand the importance of coding and bringing in new technology. I wanted to be sure that my child will be ready for opportunities in the future, so I decided to enroll my son in Algorithmics programming course. I like that they have their own learning platform, and he can sign in whenever he wants and practise on his own. He can also chat with the teacher when he has some questions.

Yusuf’s Father

I am always keen to find courses for my children that would add value and build skills beside having fun. She enjoyed the IT summer camp and is a good start for Layan to learn about the IT world. She made new friends too. I higher recommend this course.

Layan’s Mother

My son is 16 years and he enrolled in the Python Pro course. He finds the course very useful, and he has online weekly lesson. We like this arrangement that he doesn’t have to travel, but yet the lessons are engaging. The teacher explains the concepts and he get to code on the learning platform. I wanted him to get some experience programming, and this is a well-structured course.

Samuel’s Mother

Send a Course Enquiry

We will contact you within 1 day.

We need to understand some background of your child so that we can identify the best possible pathway or course for him or her.

You will get a deeper understanding of how we have customised and built the curriculum to cater to the future of work and career.


You will get fully transparent fees with no hidden charges. We don’t like it and neither should you. 

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