Hendry Goh

Success Coach & Director (Marketing & Operations)

I believe that life successes (big or small) can be better understood, and engineered if you observe and apply the fundamental laws of nature. Unfortunately, our world limits this inherent potential in everyone though a system of false indoctrination, damaging habits and sometimes meaningless activities. That is why you may feel like you have been running in circles like a hamster in a wheel.

More importantly, I deeply realise that much of what I am able to do today has been a compounding result from key ‘pivotal’ learning moments since I was a student. A key pivotal moment is when I learnt something (a skill, a concept or even just an idea) of extreme importance – and decided to apply them purposefully.

Therefore I believe that no matter what age, religion, gender, race you belong to – you deserve the opportunity to learn and experience greater personal effectiveness, transformation and growth.

Start your journey with us in partnership and let us be agents of change for the greater good of society. I looked forward to hearing the amazing stories of your personal transformation.

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