P5 PSLE Math June Holiday Programme 2023

PSLE Math Mid Year Intensive Bootcamp 2023

No of Hours: 7.5 (2.5 hours per session with 15 min breaks)
Fee: $280 (for 3 Days)
Timing: Pls Check Calendar
Maximum Class Size: 4
Tutor: Ms Elaine

Dear Parents and Students,
How was the P6 Mid-Year Weighted Assessment for Math? Are you still lacking a few more marks to reach the next AL ? Are there gaps in understanding that were not addressed? TAKE ACTION NOW! Use the June Holiday to sharpen your saw and be empowered for the final lap.

Join MATHARCHERY Holiday Bootcamp for students this June and designed to empower your child for the final lap to finish well.

At MATHARCHERY, our result-oriented and proven Math coaches have spent hours analysing past PSLE MATH papers, finding the trends and patterns to questions that constantly appear in the PSLE MATH paper. Hence we are able to provide targeted help to ensure quality guided practice, on higher order PSLE style questions.

P6 Bootcamp provides comprehensive coverage of all Heuristics that the students need to master. We will help your child revise the most relevant questions based on our analysis of part year PSLE questions and past exam papers by top schools.

Your child will be given additional practice and exposure to questions that demand application of concepts across topics. We believe every student should be equipped with more than 1 or 2 methods, to ensure they are fully prepared to tackle any questions in the PSLE. Enroll them in our Holiday Bootcamp and give them the additional edge they need to succeed!


How to present workings in a concise manner
Highlight key words, Sharpen Model Drawing Skills and Applications
Application of which Heuristics to use for a given problem
Strengthen the connection between topics like Ratio, Fractions, and Percentages to answer questions that test combinations of concepts across topics.


How to break down and size up a problem sum, strategize before embarking on the workings.
Identify the starting point to tackle a problem sumize before embarking on the workings.

PSLE Math Mid Year Intensive Bootcamp

Day 1

Cross Topics Questions involving all 3 topics Ratio, Fractions, Percentages

Application of KEY CONCEPTS to Cross Topic Questions

(More Than/Less Than, Equal Stages, Unit x Value, Guess and Check, Assumption)

Day 2

Number Patterns (Sum of Even/Odd Numbers)

Number Patterns (Sum of Consecutive Numbers)

Area and Perimeter

Circles (Cut and Paste/Rugby Ball/Quadrant/Overlapping)
Volume and Liquids

Day 3

Rate and Speed
(Journey By Parts, Journey in Opposite Directions, Common Distance or Time)

Complex Model Drawing Questions

Alternative Methods to Problem Solving

Exam Skills

Time Management

P5 Math Mid Year Intensive Bootcamp

No of hours : 7.5 (2.5 hours per session with a 15min break)
Fee: $280
Timing: Pls Check Calendar
Maximum Class Size: 4
Tutor: Ms Elaine

Dear Parents and Students,

How was the P5 Mid Year Weighted Assessment for Math?  Do you feel you could have the potential to do even better? Are there gaps in understanding that were not addressed? TAKE ACTION NOW! Mastery in Math requires a firm foundation to be built over time. Do not let these learning gaps snowball into Semester 2 and onward to the End Year Exam.

Join CONNECT@MATH Holiday Bootcamp for students this June and give your child the opportunity to address and bridge any learning gaps they may have so that they can begin Semester 2 with confidence and be well prepared for the Year End Exam.

CONNECT@MATH Primary 5 Holiday Bootcamp is designed to help your child revise key topics and concepts, and build mastery in Math Heuristics needed for Math Paper 2 Problem Sums. Over the course of 3 days, with our highly experienced tutors, in Small Group Size and Round the Table Approach, we will deepen the understanding of critical concepts, and how to apply these concepts to problem solving.

By the end of the Bootcamp, your child will be equipped with the skills and knowledge on Model Drawing, Math Heuristics and be able to apply these knowledge to solving problem sums proficiently.

Invest in your child’s education and give them the best chance of success with our Holiday Bootcamp. Enroll today and watch your child become more competent, motivated and ready to excel in Math!

What will Your Child Learn?

  • Strengthened Model Drawing Skills to Solve Problems
  • 10 Core Math Heuristics/Concepts and 3 Math Topics (Whole Numbers, Fractions and Ratio)
  • Each Heuristics will be trained with 3 Levels of Increasing Difficulty
  • How to seize up a Problem Sum to apply the right heuristics to solve the problem

Time Management

  • Strategies for Time Management
  • Short-Timed Practice to apply Time Management Skills

Working and Presentation Skills

Student will be coach on how to:

  • Underline Key Words in each Problem Sum
  • Present their workings neatly
  • Organise workings in a coherent manner

P5 Math Mid Year Intensive Bootcamp

Day 1

Whole Numbers

More Than / Less Than

Equal Stage

Unit x Value

Day 2


Equal Concept/Stage

One Item Unchanged

Total Unchanged

Difference Unchanged

Day 3



Guess and Check

Number Patterns

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